Jamaica‘s Art Galleries and Gift Items

Hi Bloggers, my name is MiQuel Marvin Samuels.  Please review my art creations. “I am a man of the arts”.  This art of works I am about to introduce to you are years of dedicated love in passion. The method has a mixture of modern and old technologies. Take a glance through my eyes. And be a part of my heart. Be apart!

Jamaica‘s Art Gallery and Fashion Designs
MiQuel Marvin Samuels  

Award winning photos; photographs on canvas

My photographs were placed to be a part of history in the (JCDC) Jamaica Cultural development Commission magazine. They took my works on show case throughout the Island.  They got great reviews.  Allowing them to be show cased international at the Chicago Art Festival, in the United States of America. I have along with the winner’s photographs of beautiful flowers, orchids, and Jamaica’s culture paintings ready to suit any décor.  I won several awards for photography. My works was published in the U.S. Department of State: STATE MAGAZINE.  I got published in the book: MOODS OF JAMAICA. For winning!

Between Time

Between Time

Drawings on T-Shirts; arts on Shirts, hats, etc.

“Order there in quality and quantity, unique Jamaica’s t-shirts and gift items for your stores.” Shop owners and art galleries this is a great way to increase your profitability.  Vacationers order your Jamaica’s one of kind gift items and it will be a home waiting for you.  You can avoid the hassle.  The designs I have for clothes are drawings I did from what I saw in the Dancehalls. I designed graphics words of wisdom to encourage you. These arts are unique collectables. You will find them nowhere else. They did well by sales on the Island. Collect yours now! It’s limited. Our products are distributed by a reparable company in the Americas..

There are abstracts computer paintings; graphic paintings on canvas

– When your friends and others visit your home and see any of these décor displayed. The first thing they always say. This is professional and neat. Where did you get it?  With this art work I went by pour instinct. They are simple and reveling in something deep and interesting. There is a balance of colors. That, when you see them, you will relate.

Drawings and computer paintings; arts on canvas

I took my camera, and I went into the markets; the dancehalls, parties, I attended sports events, rode the buses, and attended holiday occasions.  I took flowers, nature and more. From those photographs, I selected the most interesting and artistic once to build my arts.  I chose to use red on the faces for the colored paintings. Only to mean – “ONE PEOPLE”!  These art works were done with colors. However, before that, I have been traveling to various places in Jamaica. It’s an Island of endless beauty. It’s a Caribbean dream getaway.
These arts are favorite by customers, now still in gift shops and pharmacies in Jamaica. They were available on plaques and t-shirts at places such as Carby’s Gift Shop, Liguanea Lane and Monarch Pharmacies in Kingston, and Fontana in Mandeville. We are now distributing our products through zazzle.com on the internet. That way, you would be able to buy any of his art works. They are selected favorable gift items by the customers over the years. Uniquely, MiQuel Marvin Samuels’s arts are now on canvas for any size and décor. They are unique postcards, t-shirts, mugs and key rings.  You can custom size any color or style frame with or without matting, etc. The t-shirts are available in numerous colors and size. There are shirts for children, women, men and for your pets.

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Reviews link:
Gleaner Newspaper – http://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20060430/arts/arts1.html

U.S. Department of State: STATE MAGAZINE. – http://www.scribd.com/doc/32412124/State-Magazine-June-2006


2 thoughts on “Jamaica‘s Art Galleries and Gift Items

  1. I bought two of MiQuel’s Art on canvas. And Every one that came to my home. It’s always the center of attention. His art is often the topic of conversations.

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